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Deep learning-based solutions for generating images, designs, sound and videos are quickly gaining ground.

As a company, specializes in high-quality, ethical services and applications of generative AI, to help companies stay at the forefront of innovation by providing technical expertise.

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Stable diffusion finetuning example

Custom generative model creation and fine-tuning

Looking for a fine-tuned stable diffusion model for generating specific art styles, stock photos, logos or other? 

We help you collect, filter and pre-process training data fine-tune the model so that it generates the style of images you desire. Check out our blogpost on fine-tuning DALL-E for more information.

Video de- or

Are you producing a documentary and you want to protect witnesses, or a movie and you want to replace an actor’s face with a younger version of her or himself?

We can replace any face using state-of-the-art deepfake techniques and help you create innovative and broadcast-quality footage. Our solutions have already been nominated for the NPO innovation awards.

Artificial lip synchronization

Are you looking for a solution to sync your animation or film to dubbed speech?

We can provide you with an AI-driven solution mapping the lip motion directly on to your video images and get an end result with natural lip movements.

Deepfake detection

Are you looking for an automated solution to detect deepfake images, speech or text?

Our experts can help you develop a custom system to flag likely manipulated media and help you restore trust in the information at your disposal.

Can you see it? We can.

Workshop face transfer

Are you active in video (post-)production and you would like to learn more about what AI can do for you?

We can help you set up your infrastructure and teach you state of the art techniques through our workshop offerings.

And more

New applications of generative AI are appearing almost every day.

Need help with generative design, pose transfer, virtual try-on, artificial image generation or other? Contact us and we will show you around in the wondrous world of generative AI.

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Work in close collaboration with leading experts in the field of generative AI. 


We don’t allow deceptive use of our technology or imitation without consent of all parties involved.


We have a proven track record of successful projects using generative AI. Find some of the clients we worked with below.

about us

Jan Van Looy

Project manager

From years of experience in both academia and industry, Jan learned how to effectively manage both the customer and development team to ensure the most value is created during the project.

As a long-standing Computer Vision chapter lead, he stays up to date with the latest advancements in generative AI.

Lucas Desard

ML Engineer

As a Machine Learning engineer, Lucas is responsible for implementing production-ready and scalable ML solutions using the latest advancements in the field, with a special focus on generative AI.

Lucas is a strong communicator and works in close collaboration with the client to ensure the end-result lives up to the expectations.

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